Papa, for you.


“Art can express things that are not expressible verbally… a huge advantage for people who don’t have the language to talk about what’s inside of them,” said Dr. Sarah Deaver, the President of the American Art Therapy Association.

Despite what has happened, the stories other people have told and the stories the children have shared, there is still so much to be heard from the child that was left without a father.

Asked to draw what best represented who they were and their situation at home, the children drew numerous imageries and symbols. One child drew a table, because as she explained, it represented how she refused to fall; another drew a wall because it was strong in the face of difficulties; while another drew an eraser because it brought joy inside their home and erased the sadness away.

Through the drawings, we can see a glimpse and hear even the slightest whisper of what they want to say and make the world hear. Huddled in a circle and armed with crayons, pens and pencils, this is what they drew:

A Reflection

Their Home

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